Working extensively within existing communities and within and around live operational buildings, we recognise that construction activities can be disruptive to residents, local businesses and organisations.We therefore ensure that our sites are registered under the “Considerate Constructors Scheme”.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is the national initiative, set up by the construction industry to improve its image.Sites are monitored against a Code of Considerate Practice designed to encourage performance far beyond statutory requirements.The Code consists of the following five sections: Appearance, Community, Environment, Safety and Workforce.

The key elements of the Scheme are an integral part of our wider Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy which determines the way in which we carry out our business, underpinning our company values and business strategies.As society and its expectations change, we aim to be amongst the industry leaders in both helping to set and to achieve the highest attainable standards.

Since first registering with the Scheme in 2008, we are pleased that our record with CCS scoring has shown a consistent improvement, putting all of our sites in the top 10% of projects registered.

We believe that our participation and understanding of the Scheme has had a hugely positive effect on our company and has played a small part in improving the image of the construction industry as a whole.The Scheme has helped focus our workforce on further improving standards and work practices that were already in place.The communities in which we work have benefitted from the interaction and the goodwill of our sites and our commitment has helped to install a pride in both our management and site operatives.